Mazanek Family History
Orchard View Winery started in 2007 when Brad Mazanek renovated his grandfather's livestock barn into the winery we know today.
In Alma, IL the Mazanek family has been growing peaches and apples for over 100 years, and this is what we use to create our wine.

Brad had a dream to bring culture and great wine to his small hometown, and that he did. Known for our Front Porch, French Kiss, and Blueberry, Orchard View Winery is no stranger to the art of wine making.
Brad is a farmer of corn, soybeans, peaches, apples, and much more. 

His wife, Lisa, is a second grade teacher with her Masters in Education. They have four children; Hannah, Reid Lindsay and Kyle.

Kyle has recently come back to the farm to follow in his dad's footsteps. He is very excited to develop new features for the winery such as a restaurant!

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